Static Security Guards

What We Provide

Forefront Security provides static security guards to assist in on-site security for added protection of customers, employees and premises, and to minimise theft. Our static guards are a highly visible deterrent against opportunistic theft that often occurs in retail shopping premises.

Service Availability

  • Geraldton
  • Kalbarri
  • Carnarvon
  • Exmouth
  • Dongara
  • Jurien
  • Cervantes
  • Lancelin
  • Moora

Forefront Security also has the capability to provide security services into the Pilbara and the Perth Regions

About Static Guards

Static guarding is a widely used security service. It involves placing a guard in a specified location or premises. Static guarding is a highly visible deterrent against opportunistic theft that often occurs in retail shopping premises.

Not only do static security guards deter theft in the first place, but it provides the ability to intercept thieves when they're detected and hold them while awaiting Police assistance.

Static security guards are also employed to protect valuable assets from interference or disruption, and to prevent unauthorised access to specified locations.

Forefront Security Services Geraldton provides static security guards who are highly trained to communicate and deal effectively with people in public places. While our guards are polite and respectful on the job, they are also highly vigilant and as assertive as necessary, depending on the situation.

Benefits of  Static Guarding

A Forefront Security Static Guard is an ideal solution that any business can engage to:

  • deter and minimise business losses due to pilfering and theft
  • provide internal patrolling within business premises to enhance the security and safety of employees and customers
  • secure vulnerable assets from malicious interference
  • address onsite anti-social behaviour
  • control access points to prevent unauthorised entry to property and premises


Staic Guard - Forefront Security Geraldton

If your business, premises, products or assets are at risk, engaging a Forefront Security static guard is a proactive security measure that pays for itself. This service is currently available at the following Locations: