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Mobile security patrols are an affordable layer of security that can add significantly to peace of mind. Forefront Security offers mobile patrols to enhance the security of resdiential, commercial and industrial properties.

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About Mobile Security Patrols

Today, technology certainly helps to keep properties secure. CCTV and motion detection alarms can be important measures for protection of business premises, restricted facilities and remote assets. In many cases however, they may not be enough to ensure complete peace of mind, or may simply be impractical or too expensive to implement in particular situations.

Mobile security patrols are an affordable layer of security that can add significantly to peace of mind. This is particularly true of randomised security patrols. They raise the risk that intruders may be detected during their illegal activities, and that even if not aprehended, their activities will be discovered early so exisiting and additional passive security measures can be reviewed and improved, and loss recovery can occur sooner.

Mobile security patrols are for clients that don't require static guards, but still need some assurance that regular security surveillance and checking is visible and occurring on a regular basis.

Benefits of  Mobile Security Patrols

A Forefront Mobile Security Patrol is an ideal solution for clients that are seeking to:

  • enhance passive systems like CCTV and motion alarms
  • avoid the cost of passive surveillance technology
  • obtain a cost-effective alternative to static guards
  • deter and minimise business losses due to pilfering and theft
  • have their properties patrolled and checked, usually after hours when they are most vulnerable
  • make it more difficult for others to plan and conduct intrusions in advance
  • have intrusion alarms responded to quickly
  • have an urgent backup for static guards in emergency situations
  • receive timely reports if properties and facilities have been breached
  • ensure premises are always locked and unlocked at scheduled times
Mobile Security Patrols - Forefront Security Geraldton

If your premises are at risk, engaging a Forefront Security mobile patrol is a proactive security measure that provides peace of mind.