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Forefront Security  Services  delivers for clients throughout Geraldton and across the Midwest and Gascoyne Regions of Western Australia


When it comes to the security and safety of people and property, Geraldton Security Services by Forefront are clear leaders in their field.

At Forefront Security Services Geraldton, we have years of experience in providing both a high standard and an extensive range of security services. When we started, there was a limited market for Geraldton security services. Over time, however, the demand for our services has steadily grown. In response, Forefront Security has expanded its operations significantly. Currently, we employ in excess of twenty trained and certified security personnel who now provide security services across Western Australia.

Today, we deliver our security services to customers throughout the Midwest and Gascoyne. In particular, we service the following locations:

Geraldton - Kalbarri - Carnarvon - Exmouth - Dongara - Jurien - Cervantes - Lancelin - Moora - Newman - Wongan Hills

Forefront Security has grown to be the largest privately owned security company north of Perth. We have achieved this scale through a solid commitment to professionalism, employing highly trained staff and demonstrating our ability to adapt to the needs of our clients and the security environment around us.

Geraldton Security Services - Forefront Security

Static Guards

Forefront Security provides static guards to assist in on-site security for the protection of people, premises and to deter theft. Our static guards are a highly visible deterrent against opportunistic theft that often occurs in retail shopping premises.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are an affordable layer of security that can add significantly to peace of mind. Forefront Security provides mobile patrols to enhance the security of resdiential, commercial and industrial properties.

Maritime Security

Forefront Security provides maritime security with on-site patrols for all Port operations and facilities.

Crowd Control

Crowd control ensures public safety at street fairs, music festivals, carnivals, stadiums, sporting events, speaking engagements and public rallys. Crowd control is essential for the orderly management and security of public events.

Cash In Transit

Forefront Security Services Geraldton specialises in the secure collection, transportation and processing of cash, cheques and other valuables.

ATM Technical Services

If you are an ATM provider in Geraldton, you can rest easy knowing that your cash dispensing  service is being effectively managed for you by Forefront Security, a proven reliable and qualified security contractor